About Us


Thank you for clicking on this page, I'm really happy that you want to get to know me more!

My name is Elishia and I am currently 24 years old. I decided to make this become a reality in late August, 2020 after being so passionate about wanting to have my own business. 

For me, having my own business is not about the income, but more about making others happy, putting smiles on my customers faces and being super creative with products and releases. I have always had a love for bath products and admire EVERYONE who has a small business. I encourage others to do what they love the most and what truly makes them happy.

I love the whole process of owning a business, from taking product photography to packaging up products that I've worked so hard on and getting them sent as quickly as possible.

There are two main things that you will ALWAYS get from this company. The first is "understanding". By this, I mean that I endeavour to make each and every customer happy. If there is something that you are not happy with, I will try and come to a resolution as best and as quickly as possible. The second thing is that you will always find "positivity" within this company. I want you to always have a positive experience, I want the products to make you feel positive and I want you to be able to share the love for my business to others, in hopes of spreading the positivity around. 

I hope that you can find something on my website that you like. I am always interested in seeing your suggestions of new products/themes so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have an idea!

I look forward to spreading some happiness into your homes.

With love,

Elishia x