AMBER TEAK AND MOSS whipped soap 200gm

AMBER TEAK AND MOSS whipped soap 200gm

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This fragrance opens up with oriental amber and vanilla. Spices and honey are supported by patchouli and woody notes including cedar and sandalwood. Pine needle essential oil delivers an earhty moss base note of that is fresh & clean. Infused with Cedarwood & Pine Needle Essential Oils.

 180gm NET

Mild and gentle on the skin

Paraben free

Creamy lather with wonderful skin feel

Wash off product

Humectant rich formulation


Glycerin; Aqua; Cocamidopropyl Betaine; Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate; Stearic Acid; Simmondsia Chinensis; Kaolinite; Ricinus Communis; Body Safe Fragrance; Body Safe Dye; Broad Spectrum Preservative

*Please patch test this product before full use to ensure there are no current sensitivities*